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Dayton Chiropractor Focuses on Wellness

Welcome to Goffe Chiropractic Center

Providing the highest quality of care possible to Dayton chiropractic patients is the goal of
Goffe Chiropractic Center. From continually updating our education, to using the latest in state
of the art diagnostic testing equipment, Goffe Chiropractic Center stands apart from
other Dayton chiropractors.

Dr. Greg Goffe explains, “We provide solutions for optimal living, based on the Five Keys
to Health, to individuals and families throughout all stages of life.” The Five Keys
to Health include:

  • Keeping the nervous system working properly
  • Assuring a sufficient amount of dietary nutrients as well as the absence of toxicity
  • Adequate exercise
  • Adequate rest
  • Positive mental/emotional outlook and spiritual connection

Offering patients solutions to help them build their health rather than
simply treat symptoms over and over is our mission at
Goffe Chiropractic Center. Our wellness approach focuses on
creating health. For patients seeking a chiropractor in Dayton
who will put their health goals first, Goffe Chiropractic Center
is the answer.

Give us a call today to schedule your first appointment.

Dr. Greg Goffe
Goffe Chiropractic Center