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About Vital Health Wellness Center

Dr Greg in front of buildingAfter graduating from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1992, Dr. Greg Goffe became a chiropractor in Dayton opening his practice with one of his chiropractic mentors.

Growing up in Beavercreek, Ohio made it an easy decision for Dr. Goffe to come back to the Dayton area to begin his chiropractic practice.

We Provide Solutions

Dr. Goffe has always been about providing solutions for optimal living. We provide these solutions based on what we call the Five Keys to Health.

  1. Make sure our nervous system is working properly because it controls all of the other systems
  2. Assure that we have a sufficient amount of pure nutrients in our diet and an absence of toxicity
  3. Have an adequate amount of exercise as our bodies are designed to move
  4. Have an appropriate amount of rest as our bodies do most of their healing while we sleep
  5. Maintain a positive mental and emotional outlook and a proper spiritual connection

No matter what stage of life you are in we will help you and your family reach the health goal of optimal living.

The Best Chiropractic Results

We get the best results for those practice members who want to address a health problem and actually want to team with the them to achieve their highest health potential for themselves and their families.

Vital Health Wellness Center’s Community Goal

Our desire at Vital Health Wellness Center is to see a community free of the damages of nervous system interference, also known as subluxation. This interference robs those who are affected of years from their life and life from their years. Our goal is to help the community find solutions on how to build their health rather than just treat diseases over and over again.

If any of this sounds interesting please contact our Dayton office to make an appointment today.
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