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What Our Dayton Area Patients Say

What actual patients say about chiropractic care in our office can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Vital Health Wellness Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Greg Goffe

Help for colic

The childrenMy newborn son, Caleb, had horrible episodes of colic from the time he was 2 weeks old. I would bring him to Dr. Goffe twice a month and the episodes disappeared!!

Also my daughter, Hailey, had chronic ear infections from the age of 9 months. After regular chiropractic adjustments, she no longer needs antibiotics every month!!!

Now my children are two and a half and six years old and both are experiencing better sleep, have more energy and are more relaxed. They both are stronger and have fewer infections and illnesses. The health and happiness of my children has greatly improved!!!!

Heidi A.


“The nervous system really does control everything!”

I originally came to Dr. Goffe’s because of back and neck pain. After just 3 weeks of care, not only is my back and neck pain going away, but my whole body feels better! I am less fatigued and generally have more energy and feel better overall – this really surprised me!

I feel so much better after my chiropractic adjustments and look forward to my appointments. (And the staff is awesome!? )

Christine M.


Better health = better life

Since beginning care at Vital Health Wellness Center I have noticed an amazing change in my overall health. I have fewer infections in my body and I feel so much stronger!

It is easier for me to walk and stand for long periods of time.

I also have started to use orthotics prescribed by Dr. Goffe and my legs feel so much better!!

Dwayne M.

More than I hoped or dreamed


I had headaches and back pain when I originally came to Vital Health Wellness Center. Since then, I have noticed that I am stronger and more relaxed. I have more energy than before and also have observed that I have fewer infections and allergy symptoms. My ability to exercise has improved and I feel so much better when I travel.

I truly enjoy everyone at Dr. Goffe’s office and feel everyone cares so much. This is a marvelous office. Thanks for all you do!

Jane O.


Chiropractic has improved my life

Lower back pain first brought me into Dr. Goffe’s office. Since continuing my care, I do not get colds and the flu as frequently as I used to. Not only that, but I also have an overall feeling of wellness!

Chiropractic has improved my life. I have more energy and I am stronger than I used to be. Walking, lifting, standing, and even sitting are much easier now!

Jim S.


The numbness is gone now.

When I came here for the first time, I had low back pain and numbness in my face and hands. The pain and numbness are so much better now! Not only that, but I sleep better, am less nervous and more relaxed! I think more clearly too.

The results I have received are fantastic! I feel 100% better!!! I love the staff at Dr. Goffe’s-they are so professional and helpful. (Dr Goffe is great too!!!)

Lisa M.

LizzieThinking more clearly

I am a student at Dayton Christian High School. When my mom first brought me in to see Dr. Goffe, I had a lot of breathing problems. Since I’ve been coming, I have been most surprised by how quickly I started to feel better! I have more energy and am able to think more clearly now since beginning my care.

What I love the most about coming to my appointments is how nice everyone at Dr. Goffe’s is.

Lizzie M.

When we started to see Dr. Goffe:

Dennis had been run over by a tractor when he was 5 years old
Lisa had asthma and lower back pain
Erik and Kevin had breathing problems
Rachel just came along for the ride!

We believe that everyone should bring their children in to experience how God designed our bodies to be self-healing! The amount of visits to our general physician has been incredibly low over the last 7 years. It’s not that we don’t get sick – it’s that we get sick less often and are our illnesses are WAY less severe.

We have all experienced less illnesses and greater energy through Chiropractic! Dr. Goffe is a great addition to our parenting as the “attitude adjustments” always come at the right time!!

The best part about Dr. Goffe’s care is that our entire family is so well watched over and it is done with complete passion for our well-being. We feel very safe in Dr. Goffe’s care! The ladies (office personnel) are the best!

We are all we can be with the supreme care of Dr. Goffe!!!! We are getting the absolute best!

The M Family

Severe back & neck pain


First scan…



I had severe back and neck pain when I came to see Dr. Goffe for the first time. One of my co-workers had referred me to the office because she and her family had received great results here and knew I would too.

I have had phenomenal results from my adjustments! My back feels so much better and the strange popping sound from my neck has stopped! I have more energy now than I had before and I am much healthier!!

Nikki B.


Beyond TMJ

I first came to Dr. Goffe’s because of severe jaw pain from TMJ. Now, not only do I have much less jaw pain, but also movement of my neck is easier and I have less back pain.

I am more relaxed, more alert, and less nervous. I sleep better and am able to think more clearly. In general, I just feel stronger!

Susan W.

Went from often ill… to energetic and healthy

Photo of Baby L

Chris is a 27-year-old female patient who came to our office with frequent migraines, infertility, unidentified stomach and gastrointestinal problems, and just feeling frequently ill.

Since she started care she has had more energy, thinks more clearly, has had fewer infections, better digestion, she feels more alert, and has better elimination.

She finds it easier to walk, stand, breathe, ride, sit, think, work and do step aerobics.

“I no longer have any stomach problems. I am now a person who is almost never sick, as opposed to being a person that was sick more than I was well. In the past, I always had some physical complaint.”

“One of the best things about Dr. Goffe’s care has been that I have not had or felt the need to have any prescription medication in almost 3 years. But the very best thing about Dr. Goffe’s care has been that I now have a 7-month-old baby when I was told that I would not be able to conceive.”

“Baby L” was conceived after her mother was told that she would never be able to have children. She attributes her current health – and her baby – to Dr. Goffe’s thorough and expert Chiropractic care.

No more pain … improved productivity, too

Patty is a 36-year-old patient that came to our office with severe menstrual cramping and vomiting. She also had low back pain. After beginning care with Dr. Goffe, Patty no longer suffers from her incapacitating menstrual irregularities. Patty says, “Since having Dr. Goffe adjust me using the NUCCA procedure, I haven’t had any nausea or vomiting.”

Patty also noted, “I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could concentrate better when my neck adjustment was holding. I could usually tell when I had lost my neck adjustment because I again had difficulty concentrating on one subject, which made it difficult to be productive at work.”

Senior patient regains strength and vitality

Photo of patient dancing

Dancing again!

Shirley is a 74-year-old patient who came to our office with a nerve pinched by a bulging and herniated disc causing extreme pain in her left leg and hip.

Shirley notices that now she has more energy, is stronger, more relaxed and more alert. She finds it easier to walk, stand, sit, breathe, ride, work, lift, bend, and dance.

“I walk straighter. The pain is gone from my lower back and legs. I no longer limp, and I can dance the night away!”

Shirley says the best thing about Dr. Goffe’s care has been that after a few weeks of care she was able to cancel extensive neurosurgery that was scheduled by her medical doctors to treat the problem.

Middle-aged man eliminates pain …increases mobility

Photo of keyboard

Back to work

Brian, a 44-year-old came to our office with neck pain. Recently, he mentioned pain that had been increasing in his thumb for years that he thought felt like a bone spur.

Brian was asked what most surprised him about changes in his body since beginning care at Vital Health Wellness Center. He reports that it is easier for him to type on his keyboard and to hold objects. Brian also said, “I have much more mobility, and I have no more pain!! I had no idea that Dr. Goffe could fix my thumb … I thought I was going to have to have surgery.”

When asked what was the best thing about Dr. Goffe’s care, he said, “Besides his great personal care and professionalism, Dr. Goffe really, really knows his stuff. Under his care, I am feeling better and stronger with much more energy.”

Toddler improves health, is more alert, plus sleeps better at night

No Medicine

No more yucky medicine!

Gretchen, now a 2-year-old, was brought to our office by her mother because she had frequent, chronic ear infections.

Since beginning care with Dr. Goffe, her mother notices that Gretchen has more energy, is stronger, has much fewer infections, is more relaxed, more alert, and sleeps better.

Gretchen’s mother was surprised by some of the changes she noticed in Gretchen immediately after beginning care. Mom said, “After Gretchen’s first adjustment, I noticed relief that afternoon. Before, we would go to the pediatrician and use the pink stuff for 10 days, 3 times a day. Then we would have to go back the next month because the infection came back.”

The best thing about Dr. Goffe’s care for Gretchen has been that she doesn’t need medicine.

Gretchen loves her adjustments and is a very happy toddler!

“I’m excited and hopeful!”

I really appreciate Dr.Goffe taking the time to review the x-rays and test data with me. My back has been x-rayed numerous times in my life, but I can’t recall a time when someone has sat down with me and told me what it all meant and showed me the structures and explained the cause of my pain.

Historically by doctors, I’ve been told that my x-rays were negative. Reviewing the films with Dr. Goffe was a very validating experience and let me know there are issues that need attention.

I’m excited and hopeful and looking forward to following my treatment plan and working towards a pain free life. Brandie and Jaquata are positive, personable, and super helpful. So far so good!

Cortney B.

“My pain is decreasing every day!”

I found out about Dr. Goffe from my boyfriend who was a patient of his. I was anxious about my condition and when I arrived at his office I was greeted by friendly staff and made very comfortable in such a painful state. Every one was helpful and guided me through the admission process. I am very happy with the care I am receiving. I am feeling better and my pain is decreasing every day. I highly recommend the Vital Health Wellness Center. You will not be disappointed!

Kim L.

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