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Five Keys to Health: Farm to Table Edition!

We place a lot of focus in our practice on the five keys to health—number one being that the nervous system controls everything in your body, and in order for you to achieve optimal health, your nervous system must be working properly.

Key number two involves eating a pure, nutrient dense diet—and that’s what we’re focusing on today!

We recently hosted several local vendors in our practice for a health talk on how you can eat organic, non-GMO, locally grown food from farms in our area. Take a look at some that showed up to speak with those who attended below.

Morning Sun Farms

Morning Sun Farms is a certified organic farm that produces high quality eggs—one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat! Their egg quality is among the best you can find, as their chickens are raised by organic standards. You can find their eggs at Dorothy Lane Market and Tom’s Market (Yellow Springs) as well as local area restaurants.

Patchwork Gardens

Patchwork Gardens is a local, non-GMO farm located just west of Dayton that uses all organic farming practices when it comes to their produce. You can find their delicious vegetables at the Yellow Springs Farmer’s Market on Saturday Mornings. They also participate in Community Supported Agriculture, which is a subscription service that sends you a box of locally grown food on a weekly basis—which you can read more about here.

FunGuy Farms

Located in South Vienna, FunGuy Farms raises poultry and pork as well as non-GMO chickens. Their animals are kept in a free-range environment, allowed to forage for natural food in the sunshine and fresh air, which allows them to remain nutrient dense. In addition, they also cultivate gourmet mushrooms, many of which have significant medicinal benefit! All of their products are available on their farm or at the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays in Yellow Springs.

Eagle Ridge Apiary

Eagle Ridge Apiary is your source for local, raw honey. Available at Dorothy Lane Market (as their DLM private label), Healthy Alternatives and Nutra Foods, this natural sweetener packs many health benefits, including seasonal allergy support.

If you’d like more information on local farms offering a variety of healthy, organic, non-GMO food, we’d love to help—simply ask us at your next visit.

We look forward to seeing you soon and would like to thank those who attended our recent event!

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