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Going Back to School & Kids Seeing the Chiropractor

young girl smiling and wearing a backpackAt our family wellness practice, we see a lot of kids; in fact, about 30% of our patients are children. Our youngest patient is about three weeks old and our oldest patient is 101! We see the incredible value of chiropractic care for patients across the spectrum.

Dr. Goffe is certified in a broad array of various techniques and will select the right one depending on what the patient’s needs are, their age and overall health. He’s also a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and has a particular interest in helping children enjoy optimal health through natural chiropractic care.

Help for Young Athletes

Many of our young patients are involved in sports and chiropractic can be very helpful in maximizing their athletic potential. Not only can chiropractic help in dealing with accidents and injuries but also for enhancing performance. When we’re well-adjusted, we can run faster and jump higher!

Improves Concentration & Posture

Did you know that chiropractic also can help with focus/concentration? Many kids today are being prescribed medication for ADD/ADHD that comes with dangerous side effects. Our natural chiropractic care many times helps children focus without drugs.
From looking down at their digital devices all day, lots of children experience poor posture. Chiropractic also can help improve posture. When we have improved posture and enhanced nervous system functioning the body can think and act more clearly.

The Value of Periodic Checkups

We’re a lifetime, subluxation-based, family wellness practice that focuses on preventative care. Just like you get your teeth checked periodically to make sure you don’t have dental decay, Dr. Goffe recommends that people (including children) get their spine checked regularly to ensure their nervous system is functioning as well as possible.

Watch Those Backs

Soon backpacks will be coming out of the closet for another school year. Many children carry backpacks that are far too heavy and as a result, children can experience back pain, shoulder discomfort and posture problems. It’s important not to have a backpack that’s too heavy for developing spines. A backpack shouldn’t exceed 10-15% of the child’s body weight in what’s carried in their backpack.

As you’re preparing that back-to-school to-do list, we encourage you to make an appointment for your child at Vital Health Wellness Center. Contact us today to book!

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