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Reducing Falls—How to Stay on Your Feet and Out of the ER

Older couple smiling and hugging outdoors.Did you know that for people over 65, falling can pose a serious risk of sustaining an injury? Approximately three million older people are treated in the ER every year for falls and more than 800,000 individuals are hospitalized annually due to falls. One out of five of those falls causes a head injury or broken bone.

Because knowledge is power, we are pleased to provide more education about fall prevention through an upcoming talk that I’m going to give on March 26: Reducing Falls — How to Stay on Your Feet and Out of the ER. The talk will be held at the Community Room @ Christ’s Church, 3370 Upper Bellbrook Rd, Bellbrook OH 45305 (about 10 minutes from the office).

Minimizing Falls

During the talk, I’ll discuss the role of exercise and nutrition when it comes to fall prevention. Naturally, chiropractic care will be a significant part of the discussion.
Some chiropractic research is showing that in as little as 12 weeks individuals under chiropractic care are able to see an improved brain and body connection and enhanced sight and sound processing coordination. Improvements in these areas help to reduce falls, particularly if someone is slipping or tripping.

The research also revealed that, in 12 weeks, those same individuals have an enhanced ability to take a fast step. That ability is essential as if you trip on something you want to be able to take a quick step to prevent a fall. That same group of people who received chiropractic care also experienced an overall enhanced sense of well-being during that time.

Getting Prompt Care If You Do Fall

If you do have a serious fall and sustain a fracture or head injury, it’s vital that you get to the hospital right away for an evaluation. If you fall but are able to move about and don’t have a fracture or head injury you should contact our office as soon as possible. I’ll provide a chiropractic evaluation so we can assure you that your nervous system is working properly. Our goal is to help you heal as quickly as possible.

Educating yourself about fall prevention could help you or a loved one avoid a dreaded trip to the ER. Contact Vital Health Wellness Center today to register for the event!

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