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Support Your Feet With Custom Orthotics

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Orthotics are a custom-made device used in the shoe to stabilize the foot and provide a proper foundation for the body. Having a stable foundation is crucial, as the biomechanical stability of everything else in the body builds upon that base.

Orthotics are prescribed for various reasons—one of the most common is overpronation, which is an overstretching of the ligaments of the foot. When your stance is overpronated, it creates a negative kinetic chain reaction that affects the mobility and alignment of all the joints in the body, even up into the jaw.

In some cases, the overstretched ligaments snap back to their normal position. In other cases, however, the ligaments are like a spring stretched too far that loses the ability to pull back into place.

Orthotics and Chiropractic

In situations where orthotics are indicated, pelvic and spinal tilt respond much more rapidly to chiropractic adjustments when combined with orthotics, than without. When orthotics are used, we achieve overall stability in the spine faster and more efficiently.

Our Approach

At Vital Health Wellness Center, we have a diagnostic machine that scans the feet using laser & photographic technologies. The lab uses 19 different points to create a custom prescription for each foot. Since the process is entirely digital, turnaround time for your custom orthotics is usually less than two weeks. Most patients adjust to our orthotics quickly and with minimal discomfort.

Learn More About Custom Orthotics

We’ll be glad to explain orthotics and how they can help you at your next appointment. Contact us to schedule!

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