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What Nutrients & Foods Support the Immune System?

While chiropractic and nutrition do not treat or cure the coronavirus, supporting our body and providing nutrients known to help our immune system work better helps our body deal with whatever pathogen (disease-causing bug) comes along.

The immune system is your body’s natural defense mechanism. When it’s strong and healthy, you’re stronger and healthier.

I’ve been asked, “What nutritional supplements are most helpful for supporting our immune system?” The following information is for educational purposes only. This does not constitute direct professional advice. Please contact me or your health care provider for specific recommendations.

What Nutrients Are Vital For My Health?

I’ve put together a list of the key nutrients that I take each day. These are the nutrients I would recommend in general for any immune support.

Cataplex A-C 2 tablets, 3x day
Calcium Lactate 4 tablets, 3x day
Cataplex F 2 tablets, 3x day

(all of the above)
Immuplex 2 capsules, 3x day
Cod Liver Oil 6 capsules, 1x day
Cataplex D 1-2 tablets, 3x/day

(all of the above)
Echinacea Premium 1 tablet, 2x day

Cataplex A-C is a great, whole-food source of both Vitamin A & Vitamin C. These are not merely the synthetic isolates of these two key nutrition factors, but they are the entire, food-based source. Vitamin A is very important to support the cells that line our mucous membranes to insure their integrity. Vitamin C, as many of us know, is one of THE most important vitamins to support our immune system.

Calcium Lactate is an absorbable form of calcium that is easy for our cells to use (I use a different type of calcium to build bone health). Calcium in our white blood cells has been shown to be very important in how well they respond to a pathogen (bacteria, virus, fungi, etc.).

Cataplex F has been shown to help get the calcium from our blood into our cells.

Immuplex is a combination product that is a whole-food source of multiple vitamins & minerals including Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Iron and multiple vitamins including A, C, E, B6, B12 & folic acid.

Cod Liver Oil has been used since our great, great grandparents’ day because of the observation about how much healthier families are when they take this food. Cod Liver Oil is full of Omega 3 fatty acids which is a vital building block of our immune system. Cod Liver Oil is also a source of naturally occurring Vitamins A and D, both of which are vital for our immune system.

Cataplex D is a great source of Vitamin D3.

Echinacea Premium is an herbal product that is made of the Echinacea plant roots (2 different varieties). The research has indicated that Echinacea is an extremely effective immune-modulator when is prepared with and ethanol extraction of the roots only – no aerial parts (flowers). This product is high in akylamides which is the constituent that has been measured to be bioavailable (absorbed and used by our body).

These products have been subject to backorder and shortages, but we do have all of these in stock for our patients now. They are available for pick-up or they can be shipped while supplies last.

What Role Does Diet Play?

In addition to targeted supplements as I have been discussing here, our diets are very important. One of the most important things to do for immune health is to limit sugar! Sugar decreases our immune systems function dramatically. Also, increased amounts of empty, white carbohydrates (white bread, white potatoes, white rice, etc.) turn quickly to sugar in our bodies and have a similar effect.

Focus on fresh, whole vegetables and fruit as much as possible. Balance with good quality meats, and try to avoid pastas and the “other whites” mentioned above.

This is the Second Key to Health – We must have a sufficient amount of pure nutrients in our diet and an absence of toxicity.

The Five Keys to Health are:

  • Keeping the nervous system working properly through the chiropractic adjustment as it controls every other system in the body…including the immune and respiratory systems
  • Assuring a sufficient amount of pure nutrients and an absence of toxicity in what we put in our bodies
  • Adequate exercise
  • Adequate rest
  • Maintaining a positive mental & emotional outlook and a proper spiritual connection

Be Healthy! We’re here for you.

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