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Your Health During COVID-19

Dr Goffe

I want you to know that we are doing all we can to provide you with excellent healthcare and peace of mind while we are all dealing with this COVID-19 outbreak together. We have increased our already high sanitation and disinfection protocols, and we are putting some other proactive measures in place as well. This situation is changing daily and we are constantly adapting to keep you and our community safe and healthy.

Five Keys To Health

We cannot , nor can our medical colleagues cure the coronavirus. The Five Keys to Health that we always talk about continue to be at the forefront of our defense against this (and all) sickness.  Building health is THE best way to prevent disease. Remember the Five Keys to Health are:

  1. Keeping the nervous system working properly through the chiropractic adjustment as it controls every other system in the body…including the immune and respiratory systems
  2. Assuring a sufficient amount of pure nutrients and an absence of toxicity in what we put in our bodies
  3. Adequate exercise
  4. Adequate rest
  5. Maintaining a positive mental & emotional outlook and a proper spiritual connection

We have taken these steps at the Vital Health Wellness Center:

  • Increased disinfection of our “high-touch areas” with professional grade sanitizers
  • We have increased our hand washing and hand sanitizing protocols, and we will be asking all patients in the office to do the same
  • Our staff will only be here when they feel 100%.  We are very vigilant in our staffing.

I was scheduled to be out of the office on Thursday. As of now, that will continue to be my plan. We have added special, additional hours on Wednesday morning to serve you.

We ask that any patient who has a cough, fever (temperature above 98.6 degrees F) or any shortness of breath call to reschedule. Also, if you have traveled in an area in the last 14 days that has come to have restricted travel such as China, South Korea, Italy, Japan, or other areas of Europe, please call before you come to discuss scheduling. This is for the health and safety of our other patients and the community.

While this situation will provide us with challenges, the people of our country have faced greater challenges that we have overcome. Remember the Five Keys to Health. Be kind. Look out for others. Maintain that positive mental & emotional outlook and proper spiritual connection as we “slow the roll” of this situation together.

I will plan to add additional posts to provide more information as we go along.

Yours in health,

Dr. Greg Goffe

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